Hand Shaped
Ventura, CA


Building surfboards has given me the pleasure of always having something fun to look forward to, and an outlet of creativity and expression. All of my surfboards are hand shaped at my shop in Ventura, California. I enjoy the process of creating functional, and calculated designs that serve a purpose. I hope to push the limits of surfboards, and contribute to the evolution of them. The future of surfboard design excites me as I am constantly looking forward, trying new things, and having fun along the way.


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Hand shaped surfboards at my shop in Ventura, California

STOCK Surfboards

6'8' Quegg
$ 1,150.00 USD
6'8'' Pendolino
$ 1,150.00 USD


Quad Type 1
$ 135.00 USD
Quad Type 2
$ 135.00 USD


Stock Boards