Embracing the best of both worlds, this design blends the fast, skatey attributes of a wider diamond tail, and the tight carving characteristics of a more pulled in round tail. It is designed to be an all around high performance shortboard for chest high to overhead surf. Its combination of design features provide the rider with a balance of speed and control, and also help the rider keep their flow in between maneuvers. The bottom shape consists of panel V entry with inverted V cut into the panel V in order to straighten the center entry rocker curve while still keeping the benefits of the raised rail line entry intact for late takeoffs. It then transitions to an offset single concave of which is deepest under the toe side that eventually evens out to flat at the tail tip. The heel side tail rocker has a generous amount of curve that accelerates around the fins and helps to shorten the turning radius when leaning on the heel side. This shape is a highly reliable shortboard capable of connecting maneuvers in open faced waves, as well as handling steep takeoffs and navigating in tubes.


5’5’’ x 18 ¾’’ x 2 ¼’’
5’6’’ x 18 ⅞’’ x 2 ¼’’
5’7’’ x 19’’ x 2 ¼’’
5’8’’ x 19 ⅛’’ x 2 ¼’’
5’9’’ x 19 ⅛’’ x 2 ⅜’’
5’10’’ x 19 ¼’’ x 2 ⅜’’
5’11’’ x 19 ⅜’’ x 2 ⅜’’
6’0’’ x 19 ⅜’’ x 2 ⅜’’
6’1’’ x 19 ½’’ x 2 ⅜’’
6’2’’ x 19 9/16’’ x 2 ⅜’’
6’3’’ x 19 ⅝’’ x 2 ½’’